Mayor's son tells 911 operator his mom defended herself in shooting

California mayor shot, killed
California mayor shot, killed


    California mayor shot, killed


California mayor shot, killed 01:04

Story highlights

  • On September 30, mayor of California town near Los Angeles was killed at home
  • On a 911 call, son says his mom was defending him when she fired gun
  • "It wasn't my mom's fault," the frantic caller says
  • An investigation is ongoing and no one has been charged in the shooting
The distraught caller to 911 sobs as the police dispatcher repeatedly asks him the nature of the emergency.
Finally the caller realizes someone is on the other end of the phone.
"My parents got in an argument and there were shots fired," he cries.
The man who was fatally shot was Daniel Crespo, the mayor of Bell Gardens, California, and the shooter was his wife, Levette Crespo, who shot her husband multiple times in the torso, according to police.
On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department released two 911 calls from the September 30 shooting, one from the couple's son and the other from a neighbor.
"It wasn't my mom's fault. She was defending herself," Daniel Crespo Jr. says on the tape in the frantic aftermath of the shooting.
After the Bell Gardens 911 operator confirms that the mother, 43, has shot her 45-year-old husband, Daniel Crespo Jr. says: "He hurt me. He hurt me. He's on the floor dying, OK? He hurt me."
CNN affiliate KTLA reported -- citing investigators -- that the son, who is 19, tried to break up a fight between his parents.
Levette Crespo has not been charged and a police investigation continues, KTLA reported.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Daniel Crespo moved to Bell Gardens in 1987. He worked as a probation officer, a job he held even after becoming mayor of the city of 42,000, about 10 miles southeast of Los Angeles in 2001.