The walking president: Certain photos seem to presage news events

It's a photographer's dream: perfect light, great framing, a famous subject.
President  Obama walks with Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the Colonnade before a statement on Iraq on Aug. 7.
No wonder Pete Souza, who documents President Barack Obama's private moments as his official photographer, has snapped nearly identical shots of the commander-in-chief taking evening strolls down the White House colonnade with his top aides.
White House photographer Pete Souza captures President Obama walking with  Chief of Staff Denis McDonough along the White House colonnade.
One from early August shows the president making his way to the State Dining Room before announcing his limited air campaign against terrorists in Iraq. Joining him: Press Secretary Josh Earnest.
In the latest snap Obama chats with Denis McDonough, his chief of staff, on his way back toward his residence. Taken Tuesday, the picture hit Souza's Instagram just hours before Secret Service chief Julia Pierson offered her resignation.
President  Obama and former Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki walk along the South Driveway of the White House on May 30.
Obama and McDonough have made walks around the White House grounds something of a tradition -- one lengthy ramble a year ago ended with Obama reversing his decision to strike Syria without Congressional approval.
Earlier this year, Souza captured Obama and his then-Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki strolling along the South Lawn driveway, the president's arm over Shinseki's shoulder. Hours later Shinseki resigned.