Colbert, pictured above, made jokes about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

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Colbert mocked Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for answers on his beliefs on evolution.

Jindal hit back that Colbert's humor wouldn't lag so far behind Jon Stewart's "if evolution was true."

Washington CNN  — 

Stephen Colbert’s ribbing of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s scientific views seemed to strike a nerve, leading the potential GOP presidential contender to jab back Wednesday over Twitter that the comedian is “no Jon Stewart.”

In a series of four tweets – three of which included links to Colbert’s segment – Jindal said he missed the bit because he was “too busy pulling out pages on evolution in my kids’ biology textbooks.”

But, he said, “if evolution was true,” Colbert’s humor wouldn’t be “so far behind” Jon Stewart’s.

Colbert on Tuesday night mocked Jindal – who studied biology at Brown University, became a Rhodes Scholar and ran the University of Louisiana system – for evading questions about his own views on evolution.

He pointed to Jindal’s comments at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast two weeks ago, where he said: “I will tell you, as a father, I want my kids to be taught about evolution in their schools, but secondly, I think local school districts should make the decision.”

Colbert said Jindal’s academic pedigree could haunt him in a Republican presidential primary, but that his comments on evolution show he’s “off to an impressive retreat from knowledge.”

The comedian was mocking Jindal’s appearance at last weekend’s 2014 Values Voter Summit, where the Louisiana governor earned 3 percent support among 2016 GOP presidential contenders in a straw poll – behind the option “none/no one,” which drew 4 percent support.

“I applaud Bobby Jindal for so deftly floating this presidential trial balloon,” Colbert said. “But please don’t call it that, sir, because the science isn’t in on ballooning yet. I mean, if hot air rises, how come hell is below us?”