01:04 - Source: HLN
Palin mocks Obama's coffee cup salute
Washington CNN —  

Sarah Palin took yet another jab at President Obama on Friday, this time mocking his “coffee cup salute” moment.

“To the commander in chief, we then salute him,” she remarked as she reached down below her podium for a Styrofoam coffee cup, sarcastically waving it around in a half-hearted salute.

President Obama drew criticism on Wednesday after the White House posted a video to Instagram featuring him walking off Marine One, offering a less-than-formal salute with a coffee cup in hand.

Palin continued to fire up the crowd Friday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, an annual gathering for social conservatives, in her typical energetic manner.

As she continued to rally her base and slam the media and Obama, Palin accidentally slipped up on the address of the White House, saying it’s located at “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.” The actual address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Palin took the mistake in stride, poking fun at herself. “Doggone it,” she tweeted, “That explains why my Christmas cards keeps (sic) getting returned.”

After her speech ended, Palin actually headed over to the location two blocks from the White House, sending photographic evidence to CNN’s Jake Tapper.