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Eric Holder is considered the most divisive attorney general in history.

Many Republicans took to Twitter to celebrate Holder's resignation

Some Democratic lawmakers paid tribute to Holder on Twitter

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Long overdue or not long enough?

Lawmakers are beginning to weigh in on the news of Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, which the former Justice Department prosecutor is expected to announce Thursday afternoon.

Holder will resign after leading the Justice Department for over five years. He is one of only three remaining officials originally elected to President Barack Obama’s cabinet in 2009.

Who might replace Eric Holder?

As the first African-American person to hold the position of Attorney General, Holder’s legacy will be defined largely by his actions taken in cases involving civil rights, including suing to overturn state voting rights decisions in Texas and North Carolina, working to reduce prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, challenging Arizona’s controversial immigration law in 2010, expanding federal recognition of same-sex marriage, and most recently, launching a federal investigation into the death of a young black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

But despite actions that some consider to be major milestones, Holder’s legacy is also considered one of the most divisive in history. Here’s a roundup of Twitter reaction from Congress.