'Dancing with the Stars': Who went home?

Story highlights

  • "Dancing with the Stars" is down to 11 contestants
  • Week 2 saw Tavis Smiley and Michael Waltrip bringing up the rear
  • Lea Thompson and Janel Parrish were the top points-earners
This week's lesson from "Dancing with the Stars": Maybe it's not the best idea to be on a book tour while dancing in the competition.
That became the downfall of contestant Tavis Smiley, who was sent home Tuesday night after performing a disco-inspired cha-cha earlier in the week.
Although the routine earned the talk show host a 28, when viewer votes were counted it was Smiley and NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip who were in danger of going home.
Smiley thinks the underwhelming response to his routine had something to do with his lack of practice time. He has just released a book on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and that work got in the way of his rehearsals for "Dancing with the Stars."
"This is hard, (this show is) so much harder than it looks," Smiley told ABC's "Good Morning America," "Our competitors on the show had 35 to 40 hours a week to rehearse. In the midst of a book tour, the most we could do were eight or 10 hours a week. You cannot perfect the cha-cha in eight or 10 hours; I don't care who you are."
Now we're down to 11 dancers still sweating it out for the Mirrorball Trophy. "Fresh Prince" star Alfonso Ribeiro was in the lead at the start of the season, but in the second week "Back to the Future's" Lea Thompson took the top of the scoreboard with her jive. She earned 35 points, and was trailed closely by "Pretty Little Liars" actress Janel Parrish, whose foxtrot to "Call Me Maybe" earned 34 points.
Although he's now done with the show, Smiley said he has no regrets.
"(I) wanted to do something for himself," he said. "I'm glad I did it."