Folks who 'gotta do it' every day

Updated 1:31 PM ET, Wed December 31, 2014
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Mike Rowe, host of CNN's "Somebody's Gotta Do It," gets rescued by Texas A&M paramedics during a training exercise. Click through the gallery for more images of folks who #GottaDoIt and watch CNN in 2015 for Season 2. Dawson Childers/CNN
The firefighters at Texas A&M show Rowe how to properly put out a fire. Dawson Childers/CNN
Darby Kittel shows Rowe the recycled parts he uses to build tiny houses. Dawson Childers/CNN
Ariane Daguin teaches Rowe about the feeding process they use on the farm. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Joel Martin and Ariane Daguin show Rowe how to properly handle the chicks. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe tries on one of the head pieces backstage at Pageant of the Masters. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe sits in front of one of the life-sized paintings created for Pageant of the Masters. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe spits a seed during the Watermelon Thump competition in Texas. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe visited a survival school, where Thomas Coyne gave him a spear-throwing lesson. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe tries to start a fire during his survival school experience. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe learns the signature "Marching Cobra" move from drum team leader Don Daughtry. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Daughtry and Lionell Hamilton show Rowe a little drum technique. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Employees teach Mike Rowe about the "oyster orgy." DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe traveled to a Maryland facility that's helping to replenish the endangered whooping crane population. Armed with crane puppets and special clothing, he joined the workers who interact with the birds. Dawson Childers/CNN
Native only to North America, just 22 whooping cranes existed on the planet in 1922, the facility's Dr. John French told Mike. Today there are more than 500.
Evan Voyles shows Rowe the sign he made for "Lucy's Fried Chicken." Volyes runs "The Neon Jungle," a sign making business in Austin, Texas. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe holds performer Chelsea Bakken above the pool at the Las Vegas water acrobatic show "Le Reve." Dawson Childers/CNN
"Le Reve" wardrobe technician Maria Palacios Togni has touched up about 132,000 shoes over the past nine years. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Rowe talks with Leila Cohoon at her hair art museum in Missouri. "Leila's Hair Museum" displays more than 600 wreaths and 2,000 pieces of jewelry made from human hair. The practice was popular in the Victorian era. DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN
Join Mike for his CNN Original Series, "Somebody's Gotta Do It," which focuses on people whose passion for their jobs compels them to do it without question. It's when "your love for it pushes you right down the road," Rowe said. "Those are the people you want to know." DAWSON CHILDERS/CNN