Clemson limits fraternities after death, 'high number' of incidents

Clemson University has opted to halt all social and new-member activities on the South Carolina campus.

Story highlights

  • All social and new member activities halted on the South Carolina campus
  • Complaints range from "alcohol related medical emergencies to sexual misconduct"
  • 19-year-old sophomore dies after going for a run with his fraternity
A month into the fall semester, Clemson University has pulled the plug on two dozen fraternities. The university opted to halt all social and new-member activities on the South Carolina campus after the death of a student and a "high number" of reported incidents involving fraternities.
Student Affairs Vice President Gail DiSabatino cited complaints "ranging from alcohol related medical emergencies to sexual misconduct" as contributing to the decision. "These behaviors are unacceptable and mandate swift and effective action to protect students," DiSabatino said in a press release. "There is no higher priority than the safety and welfare of our students."
"It is especially prudent to suspend fraternity activities given the tragic death of Tucker Hipps," she said.
Hipps was found dead on Monday.
Tucker Hipps was a sophomore at Clemson.
The 19-year-old sophomore went for a run with his fraternity early Monday morning and did not come back, according to the university. His fraternity brothers searched for him and eventually went to campus police.
At 3:30 that afternoon, an officer found Hipps' body in nearby Lake Hartwell close to a bridge.
The local sheriff's office is investigating and it said there is nothing to indicate that "hazing played a part in the death."
An autopsy revealed the teen likely fell, according to CNN affiliate WHNS. The coroner told WHNS the teen had a head injury consistent with a fall from a height of 20 feet or more.
Tanner Parsons, a freshman at Clemson, says he met Hipps briefly at a fraternity pledge event this year. While he didn't know Hipps personally, the news shocked him.
"It kind of hit me hard that this kid was just like me, just starting college and just figuring stuff out. It's kind of sobering to think how fast something can happen," said Parsons, who first shared his story on CNN iReport.
Hundreds of students came together Tuesday night to remember Hipps at a candlelight vigil on Bowman Field at Clemson, according to CNN affiliate WLTX.
Other schools have been showing their solidarity by wearing orange and posting their photos on social media.