'Parts Unknown': Shanghai

Updated 4:18 PM ET, Wed March 25, 2015
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The season four premiere of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" takes viewers to the booming city of Shanghai, China, along the Huangpu River. Zero Point Zero
Xiaolongxia -- often referred to as crawfish, crawdads and crayfish, among other names -- are a popular delicacy for the Shanghainese. Zero Point Zero
A cameraman gets an assist from a mounted GoPro for a close-up food shot in a Shanghai food stall. Zero Point Zero
Street food is becoming harder to find because of a crackdown on vendors by city government officials. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain stops in to Er Guang Wonton to sample wontons filled with minced pork, bok choy, ginger, rice wine and soy. "You want this, believe me. You want this bad. In fact, you need it," he says. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain ventures to Di Shui Dong for deep-fried, cumin-encrusted Hunan ribs. Zero Point Zero
In Shanghai, the traditional way to eat is family style. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain crashes a wedding with hacker/entrepreneur Thomas Yao. China's marriage market is a big part of the consumer spending boom. Zero Point Zero
Steamed turbot with scallions is one of the numerous wedding banquet offerings. Zero Point Zero
Bourdain visits the Roosevelt Wine Cellar Restaurant to learn about Shanghai's growing taste for prestigious vintages. Zero Point Zero