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Residents near PA manhunt worried

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NEW: Suspect is "out in those woods right now," Pennsylvania governor says

NEW: Authorities use thermal imaging to help them find the 31-year-old survivalist

Investigators discovered AK-47 and ammo they say belong to Eric Matthew Frein

Frein is wanted for killing one Pennsylvania state police officer and shooting another

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Authorities hunting suspected cop-killer Eric Matthew Frein say they discovered an AK-47 rifle, some magazines and a small bag of ammo in the northeastern Pennsylvania woods where they believe he was hiding.

“He’s out in those woods right now,” Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett told reporters a day earlier.

Tracking dogs had indicated “we’re on the right trail,” Bivens said a day earlier, adding that thermal imaging technology was being used to find Frein, who authorities believe had been planning the ambush for months or possibly years.

Frein had been planning the ambush for months or possibly years, authorities said.

Investigators said the items they found were either abandoned or hidden by Frein, who is a skilled marksman and trained survivalist.

Slaying planned for months?

Authorities have said that Frein hated law enforcement and that they believe that he’s solely focused on hurting more officers but not civilians.

When asked why investigators concluded that, Corbett answered that the night of the barracks shooting, Frein had the opportunity to shoot civilians and didn’t take it.

As to the rifle that was found over the weekend, it was positioned in such a way that it could be seen, though the items were partially concealed, Bivens said.

“Frein obviously knows we’re there” searching, he said.

Up to 400 law enforcement officers are searching for Frein, including members of the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

They are combing about 200 to 250 square miles of wooded area not far from Frein’s family home in Canadensis, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles from where Frein allegedly shot the police officers.

Hunters should avoid the thick woods, authorities have said.

Schools in the areas have canceled classes.

Anyone with information or images they believe might be helpful should call 911 or contact law enforcement, Bivens stressed.

Bivens also warned that anyone who helps Frein will be charged accordingly.