Obama will have 'nice things to say' about DNC chairwoman, source says

Story highlights

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz will introduce President Obama at the Women's Leadership Forum
  • Grumblings about the DNC chairwoman "didn't come from the White House," source says
  • Source: But the White House isn't pushing back against a report of the grumblings
  • "It's not like we're about to dump her" so close to midterm elections, the source adds
Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will introduce President Obama at the party's Women's Leadership Forum on Friday, a well-placed Democratic source says.
"He'll have nice things to say about her," the source said. As for Politico's story on Democratic and White House grumblings about Schultz, the source said "it didn't come from the White House." But nobody at the White House is pushing back on it either, the source added.
"As far as I know, she's here to stay ... this too shall pass," the source said, pointing out that it would not make much sense to try to force Schultz out just two months before the midterm elections. "It's not like we're about to dump her," the source added.
However, the source said that when the President wants to talk about midterms, he usually reaches out to senators associated with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Chairman Michael Bennet, Harry Reid and former Chairman Chuck Schumer) and that committee, not Schultz.
In part, that's a function of the job. Under Obama, the position of DNC chairman is tough, because that person takes something of a backseat, the source said, to the political operatives who work at the White House.
Schultz's term does not expire until January 2017. The source said that after the midterms, however, her future is a question for the party's next nominee for 2016.