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Leading members of Muslim Brotherhood's political wing say Qatar asked them to move

Qatar has not publicly addressed the matter

A Muslim Brotherhood member says online that other members will honor the request

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Several top members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been asked to leave Qatar, an Egyptian leader of the group said Sunday. The apparent sudden push from Qatar comes amid longstanding pressure against the Brotherhood in the region, which began with its ouster from authority in Egypt several years ago.

“We appreciate the great role of the state of Qatar in supporting the Egyptian people in their revolution against the military junta, and well understand the circumstances faced by the region,” said Dr. Amr Darrag, a leading member of Freedom and Justice Party, said in a statement online. The Freedom and Justice Party is the banned political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The members were “asked by authorities to move their residence outside the state of Qatar,” the statement said.

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“In order to avoid causing any embarrassment for the State of Qatar, which we found to be a very welcoming and supportive host, some symbols of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing … have now honored that request,” Darrag said.

Darrag promised that the “revolution will continue” and that the Muslim Brotherhood’s “confidence in the Egyptian people unshakeable.”

Qatar has not addressed the matter publicly.

Last year, Egypt’s then-military chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and now its President, overthrew Mohamed Morsy, who was part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsy was Egypt’s first democratically elected leader.

That caused Muslim Brother leaders to flee to Qatar, which supports the Islamic group. Egypt’s head prosecutor called on Interpol to issue red alerts for certain members, and relations between Egypt and Qatar deteriorated dramatically.

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