Fighting in Ukraine despite ceasefire; Russian convoy enters nation unchecked

Lorries, part of a Russian humanitarian convoy, cross the Ukrainian border on September 13.

Story highlights

  • Artillery shelling, explosions, gunfire reverberate in and around Donetsk's airport
  • Ukraine official: At least 1 Ukrainian soldier killed, 5 others were wounded
  • A convoy of 220 Russian vehicles go in, out of Ukraine without being inspected
  • FM Lavrov: "Process of establishing (a) durable peace is still in progress"
More artillery fire and shelling. More deaths. More disputes surrounding Russian convoys -- filled with aid, according to Moscow, though they were never checked by Ukrainian or International Red Cross officials -- that jetted in and out of eastern Ukraine.
And out of all this, more questions whether the ceasefire in Ukraine -- if you can still call it that -- struck after talks involving officials from Kiev, Moscow and rebel-held areas can hold.
In an interview with TV Tsentr, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the truce agreed upon in Minsk, Belarus, appeared to be holding generally and that Moscow, at least, is ready to work toward a long-term peace.
"Sporadic exchanges of fire occur on both sides, but the process of establishing (a) durable peace is still in progress," he said, according to parts of that interview published by the state-run Itar-Tass news agency.
Progress was hard to see Saturday in Donetsk, one of the biggest cities in the war-torn region and a hotbed for clashes.
Explosions and gunfire reverberated through the area around the city's airport, according to CNN crews on scene.