When Clinton almost became 'Madam President'

Hillary Clinton, Madam President?
Hillary Clinton, Madam President?


    Hillary Clinton, Madam President?


Hillary Clinton, Madam President? 01:05
For most of the Maya Angelou's memorial service Friday morning in New York City, the speakers focused on the late poet and author.
But Angelou's grandson, Elliott Matthew Jones, couldn't resist taking liberties with the task that was given -- to thank the speakers, dignitaries and guests for their attendance.
He wanted to thank "first and foremost" for attending and speaking, "Madam Pre-," halting his speech before completing the title, referring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The audience at Riverside Church in Manhattan broke out in thunderous applause and laughter.
Clinton, who was sitting in the front row of the church, laughed heartily and jokingly shook her finger at Matthews.
Matthews chuckled and quietly said into the microphone, "I had to," signifying that he couldn't resist the joke. "A little foreshadowing, a little foreshadowing," he said as the crowd settled.
Angelou died at age 86 in May.