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The unheard voices of domestic abuse spoke up on CNN iReport when Rihanna's story of abuse came to light

In light of the Ray Rice story, we decided to bring back these powerful stories

Listen to these three stories of pain and hope

Editor’s Note: This story originally ran in November 2009. In light of the Ray Rice controversy, we decided to bring back these unheard stories from domestic abuse victims that are still just as powerful as the day they were told.

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A wife

Twenty-five years of abuse drove her away from a luxurious lifestyle and a job as a TV anchor. Looking back, this woman says she will never feel the same, even though she’s been remarried to a wonderful man for 15 years now. The nightmares of abuse haunt her to this day.

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'I am damaged for life' because of abuse

A husband

To the outsider, this family looked happy, but life at home wasn’t so pretty. Soon after they got married, verbal abuse and temper tantrums flared, alarming this man. Physical abuse came later, leaving the husband at a loss to explain why she was doing this.

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'This is supposed to be my best friend'

A daughter

Her mom was pushed out of a car and beaten until she was black and blue, this woman says. Having grown up with violence in her home, she has resolved that her son will not.

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'I didn't want to marry someone like my father'

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