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Teenagers in New Castle County, Delaware, have been charged

Videos of the man being beaten were posted online, went viral

Supporter tweets: "Do your part to stop BULLYING, Be KIND. Spread #LOVE!"

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Viral videos of assaults on a mentally disabled Delaware man have led police to identify two teenage suspects accused in the attack, and a third suspect to turn himself in.

A 14-year-old boy from Newark, Delaware, turned himself in to New Castle County Police Monday night, and officers arrested two other teen boys over the weekend in connection to the assaults. The three teenagers have been charged with misdemeanors, according to department spokesperson Sgt. Jacob Andrews. Because of their age, the youths’ names are not being made public.

The beatings occurred several weeks ago, but recently angered viewers across the nation after they were posted on social media using the hashtags #JusticeForCoran and #TheBullyProject.

AS @EriVeronica tweeted: “#JusticeforCoran & Justice for ALL other victims of senseless crime and bullying! Do your part to stop BULLYING, Be KIND. Spread #LOVE!”

‏@Cheyenne_Aliyah tweeted: “#justiceforcoran ✊ this needs to be recognized & not just this but the thousands of other occurrences like this one

Andrews said the investigation is still active and police anticipate additional arrests.

In one video, the man, who police say is 26 years old and suffers from a neurodevelopmental disorder, is chased around the yard of an apartment complex yelling, “Leave me alone.” A teenage boy in shorts and a T-shirt body-slams him to the ground, then punches and stomps the man.

The man’s family told CNN affiliate KYW that he suffers from Williams syndrome, and that he takes his little sister to the bus stop.

In a second video, shot in a wooded area, the man is again body-slammed and punched while lying on the ground. A girl in the crowd says, “You guys are mean to him.” The man stands and other boys punch and push him to the ground.

As the man lies crying in the weeds, a boy jumps in front of the camera and mimics the question the man kept asking: “What I do? What I do?”

“It’s more than disgusting. There’s no words to describe what they did,” the victim’s stepmother told KYW.

She said he trusted this group of teens and believed they were his friends, and now he is suffering emotionally and physically.

New Castle County school officials said they are awaiting more information from the police to determine whether any of the attackers are students.

Howard High School of Technology spokesperson Kathy Demarest said the school is aware of the video and would consider taking disciplinary action if a student’s involvement was revealed.

Social media often plays a part in bullying cases these days.

About a year ago, two teenage Florida girls were arrested after a Facebook posting about a 12-year-old who jumped to her death, allegedly because she was bullied. The charges were later dropped

In May, a Minnesota mother was so desperate to get the school system to stop the bullying of her 9-year-old daughter that she posted a Facebook video interview with the girl.

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CNN’s Kristina Sgueglia and Ralph Ellis contributed to this report.