North Korea to ‘judge’ detained American September 14

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Matthew Todd Miller accused of tearing up visa, seeking asylum

He told CNN he expected to be sent directly to prison

CNN  — 

Matthew Todd Miller, an American being held in North Korea, has a September 14 judgment date, according to state news agency KCNA.

Miller, who is accused of tearing up his tourist visa and seeking asylum upon entry, implored the U.S. government for help during a recent interview with CNN’s Will Ripley.

“My situation is very urgent, that very soon I am going to trial, and I would directly be sent to prison,” he told Ripley.

He said he’s admitted his guilt and apologized to the North Korean government, but he will not learn of his charges until the September 14 hearing.

The report Sunday on KCNA said only, “The Supreme Court of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to judge American Miller Matthew Todd now in custody on September 14, according to the indictment of a relevant institution.”

CNN also had brief interviews with Kenneth Bae and Jeffrey Edward Fowle in North Korea.

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