Fall TV preview: Like this? Watch that

Story highlights

  • The new fall TV season kicks off this weekend
  • A few of the shows remind us of others
  • One reality show contestant has reportedly already been booted
With the cooler temperatures comes another eagerly awaited period: Fall TV season.
The new shows start premiering in September and continue debuting through the next few months. (OK, so some of them should be part of "winter TV season.")
Don't know what to watch? We take some of the guesswork out of it for you by offering comparisons between some of the new shows to ones with which you may be familiar.
So grab your popcorn and let's get started:
If you're a "Survivor" fanatic, there is:
"Utopia" (Fox) - Based on a hit Dutch reality show, "Utopia" sets a group of contestants up in the wilderness where they must build their own perfect society. Will there be fights, drama, love and intrigue? That's the hope for this show, which was envisioned as a cross between social experiment and entertainment. So far there has already been a bit of action as reportedly one cast member has already been booted for breaking the rules and using a cell phone. The series begins with a two-hour debut on September 7.
If your heart belongs to "The Walking Dead," take a bite out of:
"Z Nation" (Syfy) - What's better than a zombie show? Why, two, of course. The new Syfy series is about a group of survivors trying to make it after a zombie apocalypse. Sound familiar? It should. The twist with "Z Nation," however, is that the group is trying to protect the one person who may hold the genetic key to ending the zombie plague. Harold Perrineau, best known from the series "Lost," heads up the cast. The show starts on September 12.
If "Big Bang Theory" is your thing, get ready for:
"Scorpion" (CBS) - True, "Scorpion" is a drama, and not a comedy like "Big Bang Theory," but both share storylines about a group of nerds. Based on the tales of real-life genius Walter O'Brien, "Scorpion" is about a bunch of nerds who use their mental power for complex problem solving. Like "BBT" there's also an attractive waitress character (played by Katharine McPhee, last seen in "Smash") thrown into the mix. "Scorpion" premieres on September 22.
If you praise "The Good Wife," keep an eye out for:
"How to Get Away With Murder" (ABC) - As CBS has shown us with "The Good Wife," legal shows don't all have to be procedurals. Viola Davis heads the cast of this new Shonda Rhimes series about a law professor and practicing attorney who enlists some of her students to crack tough cases. Creator Rhimes is known for crafting rapid-fire dialogue and tons of twists and turns in her story lines -- she's the force behind "Scandal" -- so look for this drama to follow suit. The series debuts on September 25.
If you like "The Killing," you may want to tune into:
"Gracepoint" (Fox) - Both shows are remakes of European series ("Gracepoint" is based on the British series "Broadchurch" and "The Killing" is a remake of the Danish show "Forbrydelsen") and center around a murder mystery involving a local child. Early buzz is that Anna Gunn and David Tennant turn in strong performances as the detectives on the case. The show starts on October 2.
If you are into "Arrow," you must check out:
"The Flash" (CW) - It's not just because this new show is a spinoff of "Arrow" that it may attract similar fans. "Arrow" watchers love a good mystery, and while "The Flash" is supposed to be more laid-back than its parent show, it still promises plenty of intrigue and action as Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) uses his power as the fastest man on the planet to uncover the truth about the death of his mother. "The Flash" premieres on October 7.
If you are missing "Happy Endings," this might help:
"Marry Me" (NBC) - This one is a bit of a cheat because both sitcoms were created by David Caspe and star his now wife, Casey Wilson. But both are also hilarious. "Marry Me" follows the adventures of Jake and Annie, who after six years of togetherness may, or may not, be taking that next big step. The writing is as sharp and clever as one would expect from a Caspe production, so fingers crossed that it won't meet the same fate as "Happy Endings" -- a beloved show that could never find its ratings footing. The show starts on October 14.
If you are a fan of "Scandal" you may like:
"State of Affairs" (NBC) - Katherine Heigl returns to television as a top aide to the President. We won't spoil it for you, but there are some surprises in everything -- from why Heigl's character, Charleston Tucker, is acting out, to her relationship with the commander in chief. Thrills and chills is all we will say. The series premieres on November 17.