Israeli soldier's death raises toll from Gaza conflict

Story highlights

  • Israeli soldier dies from injuries suffered in Hamas conflict
  • Sgt. Shacar Shalev was critically injured in Gaza fighting in late July
  • Death toll in Israel reaches 68; more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed
An Israeli soldier who was critically injured in fighting last month died Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces announced in a tweet.
The death of Sgt. Shacar Shalev, 20, came almost a week after a new ceasefire between Israel and Hamas that ended more than seven weeks of fighting.
Shalev's death increases the number killed on the Israeli side in the conflict to 68. Of those, 65 are soldiers and two are Israeli civilians. A foreign worker in Israel was also killed.
The United Nations has said more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the violence in Gaza. The U.N estimates at least 70% of the Palestinians killed were civilians, but Israel reports a higher number of militants among the dead.
The ceasefire agreed to Tuesday between Israeli and Hamas officials has no expiration date, unlike several previous ones. The truce does not deal with core long-term issues on both sides.
But Israel agreed to ease the blockade on Gaza, open border crossings for more aid to pass through and extend the fishing limit off the coast to 6 miles, according to a senior Egyptian government official.
Both sides agreed to return to Cairo for further talks, the official said.