Review: Jennifer Aniston's 'Life of Crime'

Jennifer Aniston stars as a rich Detroit housewife in "Life of Crime."

Story highlights

  • "Life of Crime" is one of the poorer Elmore Leonard adaptations
  • It stars Jennifer Aniston, yasiin bey and John Hawkes
  • The movie suffers from a lifeless script and direction
There have been good Elmore Leonard adaptations and bad ones.
But this interpretation of his 1978 novel "The Switch" may be the worst of the bunch. John Hawkes and yasiin bey (a.k.a. Mos Def) play small-time crooks who kidnap a rich Detroit housewife (Jennifer Aniston) and put the squeeze on her no-good husband (Tim Robbins) for $1 million.
They're inept, but not nearly as inept as Daniel Schecter's lifeless script and direction. In fact, the only mystery in this limp caper is why Aniston took such a meh role.
At least the kitschy, '70s-era details provide some distraction. (Also on VOD.)
Grade: C-