The chair that isn't there

Published 9:54 AM ET, Wed August 20, 2014
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This wearable chair can offer relief to production line workers and allow for better posture while performing their tasks. Courtesy M. Brega/The Age of Robots
The lightweight mechatronic device must be first set into the desired position and then locked into place. Courtesy M. Brega/The Age of Robots
While standing or walking, the device never touches the ground and allows the wearer to move freely. Courtesy M. Brega/The Age of Robots
The team behind the Chairless Chair, a Zurich-based startup called noonee. Courtesy noonee
Several prototypes have been constructed: the latest weighs about two kilograms and can operate for 24 hours on battery power. Courtesy noonee
The device offers a wearable alternative for work areas where chairs or stools would take up too much floor space. Courtesy noonee
According to its makers, the Chairless Chair offers better posture than a conventional chair by keeping the back straight. Courtesy noonee
Freedom of movement is not diminished: the wearer can walk, run, and climb stairs. Courtesy noonee
Although the focus is on production lines, the device has other potential daily life applications. Courtes noonee