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Ukraine's rich donate to military

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Many of Ukraine's mega rich making massive military contributions

Of Ukraine's 100 richest people, according to Forbes, seven have publicly donated to the military

But prosecutors are also investigating others for financing pro-Russian rebels

CNN —  

A 20-minute drive from Kiev takes you to a neighborhood that feels more like Beverly Hills than central Ukraine.

In a quiet oasis, huge mansions sit on lush lawns behind gilded gates. Private security guards stand watch over quiet, tree-lined streets.

You’d never know you’re in a country in the midst of a violent conflict, with near daily reports of intense battles killing soldiers, pro-Russian separatists, and civilians – including children.

These are the mansions that rose when the Soviet Union fell. And this is where many of Kiev’s new rich are riding out the crisis, far from the front lines of eastern Ukraine.

Here, we find Kiev millionaire Vyacheslav Konstantinovsky sitting nervously on his grandiose outdoor patio. He is surrounded by the spoils of a successful construction business and restaurant chain.