Palestinian, Israeli delegations in Cairo for talks

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  • The cease-fire officially ends at midnight Tuesday (5 p.m. ET)
  • It's unclear if Israeli or Palestinian delegations will meet with Egyptians
  • The conflict has left about 2,000 dead in Gaza, killed 64 Israeli soldiers
Palestinian and Israeli delegations have returned to Cairo for indirect talks a day before the cease-fire is due to end.
The Israeli and Palestinian delegations were scheduled to meet Sunday among themselves, but it was unclear if either group would meet with Egyptian officials who are spearheading the talks.
This 72-hour cease-fire officially ends at midnight Tuesday (5 p.m. ET Monday).
Israel says it wants Hamas to disarm and Gaza to be demilitarized.
The Palestinian delegation in Egypt, which includes Hamas, has demanded an end to Israel's economic blockade on Gaza, an extension of fishing rights off the coast, the reopening of an airport and seaport and the release of prisoners held by Israelis.
Palestinian health authorities said about 2,000 people have died in Gaza, most civilians, since the most recent conflict began a month ago. Israeli officials said 64 of its soldiers have been killed, as well as three civilians in Israel.