Photos of Chris Pratt in high school were shared online by a Reddit user.
Yearbook Photo
Photos of Chris Pratt in high school were shared online by a Reddit user.

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A Reddit user has shared photos of Chris Pratt in high school

The user says the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor was "popular with everyone"

Now, Pratt is the star of a No. 1 movie

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Chris Pratt is officially capital-“F” Famous.

It’s not just because he’s the star of the No. 1 movie at the box office, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” or because he’s endlessly charming.

And it’s not just his physical transformation or his stories about flashing his “Parks & Recreation” co-star Amy Poehler, although none of that hurts.

’Guardians of the Galaxy’ scores record-breaking weekend

No, it’s when your old high school yearbook photos start having value on the Internet that you know you’ve really made it.

Thanks to the generosity of Reddit user “warped_and_bubbling,” Pratt fans – whose ranks seem to grow by the hour – have been “aww!”-ing at the 35-year-old actor’s senior year pic and a “slightly less dorky” junior photo, along with a couple of others.

Yearbook Photo

The Reddit user recalled Pratt being “the kind of guy who could crack a joke in class and never get in trouble for it, and one of those students who was popular with everyone,” which sounds a lot like the guy we know today.

Before he became famous as the goofy Andy on “Parks & Rec,” Pratt was better known as “the class clown,” evidence of which can be seen in one of the yearbook photos. As described in the New York Times, Pratt grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, an athlete and the youngest of three who wasn’t averse to performing in school assemblies.

Yearbook Photo

According to the paper, Pratt didn’t have any big plans after high school graduation, and he eventually found himself in Maui. (As the actor recounted on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show, that era involved living in a van with a friend, smoking weed daily and listening to Dr. Dre’s “2001” so much he can still rap “Forgot About Dre” lyric for lyric.)

It was while working as a waiter that Pratt, who’d done a few plays and a little dinner theater, got his first break into Hollywood: Rae Dawn Chong happened to be dining at the restaurant where he worked, and a spontaneous chat led to a gig in his screen debut, “Cursed Part 3.”

“I thought it was the best thing I ever read. It probably was the best thing I ever read. I hadn’t read a whole lot of anything up to that point,” Pratt joked of the short film. “It was like one of the famous Hitchcock push-ins. My world changed. I knew it right at that moment.”

Obviously, Pratt’s come a long way since “Cursed Part 3.” He’s still clowning around, but now it can make millions.