Actor Russell Brand (L) has labeled Fox News' Sean Hannity (R) a "terrorist" over his TV grilling of a Palestinian guest.

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Actor calls Fox host a "terrorist" over aggressive interview with Palestinian guest

Sean Hannity calls Russell Brand's take on the current Gaza crisis "ignorant"

Israel-Hamas conflict has killed hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of Israelis

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It may have started as a TV debate about the Israel-Hamas conflict, but it’s now turned into a seemingly endless online war of words between Russell Brand and Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

The British comedian, actor and occasional political commentator branded Hannity a “terrorist” last week after the conservative U.S. pundit berated a Palestinian guest on his show during a heated debate over Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas militants in Gaza – a conflict that has claimed the lives of hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of Israelis in the past month.