Earthquake rocks southwest China

Updated 9:48 AM ET, Wed August 6, 2014
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A military rescue worker searches for missing people in the rubble of destroyed houses in Longtoushan, a township in southwest China's Yunnan province, on Wednesday, August 6. The epicenter of a 6.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded in Longtoushan on Sunday, August 3. Hundreds of people have died since, state-run media reported. Andy Wong/AP
An injured earthquake survivor is fanned while waiting in the corridor of a school before being transferred to an ambulance in Longtoushan on August 6. GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images
An elderly woman gets help crossing a small creek near tents set up for earthquake survivors in Longtoushan on August 6. GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images
Volunteers deliver bottles of water brought by a helicopter to Longtoushan on August 6. Andy Wong/AP
Survivor Xiong Zhengfen, 88, is treated by medical personnel on Tuesday, August 5, after being buried under rubble for 50 hours in Ludian County. stringer/ap
A man sits on the rubble of a collapsed house in Longtoushan on August 5. Xue Yubin/XINHUA/LANDOV
A rescuer walks past paramilitary policemen searching for survivors at a destroyed house in Longtoushan on August 5. Andy Wong/AP
Women react as the body of a relative is found in the collapsed rubble of a home in Longtoushan on August 5. GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images
Rescue workers carry an injured man in the village of Hongshiyan, China, on August 5. Wang Shen/XINHUA/LANDOV
Rescue workers walk over rubble in Longtoushan on August 5. Andy Wong/AP
A man looks at a road buried by a landslide in Zhaotong, China, on Monday, August 4, a day after the earthquake. STR/AFP/Getty Images
A helicopter flies over rescue workers Monday, August 4, in Longtoushan. stringer/ap
Rescuers search for survivors August 4 in the ruins of Longtoushan. Hundreds of aftershocks have been recorded since the first tremor. Chen Haining/XINHUA/LANDOV
A man with dried blood stains on his face stands on a street in Longtoushan on August 4. stringer/ap
Buildings in Longtoushan are seen crumbled on August 4. The day before, the quake struck at 4.30 p.m. local time (4.30 a.m. ET). Xue Yubin/Xinhua/AP
Rescuers carry victims in Zhaotong, China, on August 4. The majority of casualties occurred in Zhaotong. STR/AFP/Getty Images
Temporary shelters are set up in Longtoushan on August 4. XUE YUBIN/xinhua/landov
A man holds an injured child at a hospital in China's Ludian County on August 4. AP photo
An injured child walks past rescuers heading toward the earthquake's epicenter on August 4. stringer/ap
A nurse walks past two injured children at a hospital in Zhaotong on Sunday, August 3. STR/AFP/Getty Images