'Wire's' Simon bringing 'Hero' to HBO

David Simon's new series will be about neighborhoods and politics in Yonkers, New York.

Story highlights

  • David Simon's new show: "Show Me a Hero," a six-hour miniseries
  • Program will be directed by Paul Haggis, star Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac
  • Work touches on themes of race, class, politics
David Simon has gotten behind a "Hero."
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Wire" creator will be co-producing "Show Me a Hero," a six-hour miniseries to air on HBO. (HBO, like CNN, is a unit of Time Warner.)
The program fits in perfectly with Simon's concerns about race, class and the political conflicts they spawn.
It's based on a 1999 nonfiction work by Lisa Belkin about a battle over housing in Yonkers, New York, just north of New York City. An effort to add low-income housing to the city's east side led to a ferocious court case, angry demonstrations, tribal politics and, eventually, a suicide.
The book has been compared to J. Anthony Lukas' classic work about Boston's busing crisis, "Common Ground."
"Show Me a Hero" comes with a sterling pedigree. Besides Simon, Oscar winner Paul Haggis ("Crash," "Million Dollar Baby") has signed on to direct, and Catherine Keener ("Capote," "Captain Phillips") and Oscar Isaac ("Inside Llewyn Davis") are set to star. Simon will co-write the script with William F. Zorzi.
Simon's most recent series, "Treme," wrapped up its run on HBO last December.