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11-year-old girl shot at sleepover

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NEW: "Every morning, I wake up and I cry," mom of 11-year-old victim tells CNN affiliate

Police say 47 Chicago residents were shot over the weekend; five lost their lives

The 11-year-old was fatally shot in the head by a stray bullet while in her friend's bedroom

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "Our kids only get heard when there is a shot"

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After an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed by a stray bullet while sitting on a friend’s bedroom floor, Chicago officials met Monday to discuss the city’s recent surge in gun violence.

The girl was just one of 47 shooting victims in Chicago over the weekend, five of which were fatal, according to statistics released by the Chicago Police Department.

Shamiya Adams was brought to a nearby hospital in critical condition on Friday and pronounced dead Saturday morning, according to Anthony Brucci, a spokesman for Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

She was visiting a friend when a stray bullet from outside the residence struck her, according to Chicago Police Officer Jose Estrada.

No other injuries were reported at that incident, and no one has been arrested or charged, Estrada said. An investigation is ongoing.

“Every morning, I wake up and I cry,” the girl’s mother told CNN affiliate WLS. “I just can’t believe it.”

“She used to tell me every day, give me a letter every day – how much she loved me, how I was the best mother in the world,” Shaneetha Goodloe said, her voice cracking with emotion. “And I will never hear that again from her.”

Asked what she would say to anyone who had anything to do with the child’s death, Goodloe replied: Speak up.

“If you know anything, you should say something because this wasn’t for her. This was not for my child. She was not supposed to die from a bullet to her brain,” she said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met Monday with the Chicago Police superintendent and community leaders to discuss violence in their city, an event scheduled before the uptick in gun violence over the weekend.

“Our kids only get heard when there is a shot, be it a basketball shot or a bullet shot. There are other kids out there,” Emanuel said at the meeting.

“Everybody says, ‘So what are you going to do?’ As if there’s a single thing that’s going to resolve this problem,” Emanuel said. “It is a communitywide problem, which requires a communitywide solution.”

Blame weak gun laws for violence, Chicago’s top cop says

Emanuel went on to say that public safety in Chicago goes beyond police and into investments in after-school and summer job programs, gun law enforcement and penalties and community building.

The violent weekend in Chicago follows a deadly Independence Day weekend when more than 60 people were shot and nine were killed, according to police statistics.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy blamed weak gun laws for the spurt of holiday violence.

“There has to come a tipping point where this changes,” McCarthy said then of the violence. “The illogical nature of what’s happening here – that government can intercede and prevent this from happening is overwhelming. And I refuse to think otherwise in a great country like America that we can continue to allow this to happen – not just on a state, but on a federal level.”

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