Malaysia Flight 17 victims remembered

Updated 8:16 AM ET, Wed July 23, 2014
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The passengers and crew aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came from around the world and held a wide range of hopes and dreams. While the identities of the 298 people aboard have not been release by the airline, CNN has been able to confirm some of them via family, friends and social media. Joshua Paul/AP
Karlijn Keijzer, 25, was a champion rower from Amsterdam who showed much passion and leadership in the United States as a member of the team at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Courtesy Indiana University
Miguel Calehr, left, and his older brother Shaka were both aboard the flight. They were on their way to Bali to visit their grandmother. Their middle brother, Mika, was supposed to be on the flight as well, but it was fully booked. The Calehr family/AP
A 77-year-old teacher and Roman Catholic nun, Sister Philomene Tiernan, was on the flight, according to Australia's Kincoppal-Rose Bay School of the Sacred Heart. The school principal described Tiernan as "wonderfully wise and compassionate." From Kincoppal-Rose Bay
On Friday, President Barack Obama told reporters that an American, Quinn Lucas Schansman, was aboard. His Facebook page said he was a student at International Business School Hogeschool van Amsterdam. from facebook
The World Health Organization was able to confirm to CNN that their employee Glenneth Thomas was on board and heading to the International AIDS Conference scheduled to begin this weekend in Melbourne, Australia. courtesy Jordan Withers
Shazana Salleh, a Malaysian national, was one of 15 crew members aboard. courtesy Carlmen Low Kar Mar
Prominent Dutch scientist Joep Lange was a pioneer in HIV research and a former president of the International AIDS Society, which organizes the International AIDS Conference. JEAN AYISSI/AFP/Getty Images
Jacqueline van Tongeren, partner of HIV researcher Joep Lange, was on the flight with him. From
Medical student Andrei Anghel, 24, boarded Flight 17 on his way to vacation in Bali. From LinkedIn
Darryl Dwight Gunawan, 20, was traveling home to the Philippines after a summer vacation with his family. His mother, Irene Gunawan, 54, and sister Sheryl Shania Gunawan, 15, were also aboard. Courtesy Gianni Walian
John Paulissen, his wife Yuli Hastini and their two children, Martin Arjuna and Sri were all aboard the flight. ap
Tessa van der Sande, an Amnesty International employee, was on the flight. From Facebook
Angeline Premila Rajandaran was a flight attendant, one of the 15 crew on board. From Facebook
A lover of French literature, Adi Soetjipto, 73, was returning home to Jakarta, Indonesia, after her annual visit to her mother in the Netherlands, nephew Joss Wibisono said. Family Photo
Nick Norris and his three grandchildren, Otis, 8, Evie,10 and Mo, 12, were all aboard the flight. seven network/From Facebook
Pim de Kuijer was also on his way to the International AIDS Conference. From Facebook
Husband and wife Albert and Maree Rizk were among the passengers on board. Seven Network
Musician Cor Schilfder was on vacation with girlfriend NeeltjeTol, a florist. Family Photo
Shun Poh Fan and wife Jenny Loh were restaurant owners in the Netherlands. Family Photo
Fatima Dycynski was an engineer and the founder and CEO of Xoterra Space. From xoterra/Tedx
Arjen and Yvonne Ryder courtesy drew ryder
Flight attendant Sanjid Singh Sandu swapped flights at the last moment on Thursday and boarded MH17 in Amsterdam so he could get home early, his parents told CNN. Family Photo