‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison loses 192 lbs

Story highlights

Harrison had weight loss surgery in 2010

He said fear of diabetes convinced him

These days he works out five days a week

CNN —  

Fans of “Pawn Stars” will be seeing a lot less of Corey Harrison.

The star of the hit History Channel reality show has shed more than 190 pounds after having weight loss surgery, according to People magazine.

Harrison, whose show follows the exploits of his family’s pawn shop business in Las Vegas, Nevada, told People he was moved to have lap band surgery in 2010 after his weight ballooned to 402 pounds and his doctor prescribed him medication to prevent diabetes.

“I literally drove straight from the doctor to the lap band center and had the surgery almost immediately,” he said. “Back then, the surgery was too expensive for my bank account, so I had to pay with four credit cards, but it was something I had to do – I was not going to get diabetes!”

Harrison said he initially lost 50 pounds and has continued to lose over the years. He now weighs 210 pounds and says he is way more active.

“I’m actually excited to go to the gym now,” he said. “I box 12 rounds a day five days a week.”