The summer of Supermoons

Updated 3:10 PM ET, Mon July 14, 2014
irpt july supermoon los angelesirpt july supermoon los angeles
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Although the supermoon is not as rare as some other celestial events, it still inspires people to turn their gazes skyward. During the early morning hours of July 12, Marie Sager ventured outside her Los Angeles backyard to spot the supermoon before it faded away. Courtesy Marie Sager
Rachel Cauvin photographed the supermoon hanging over the Bronx, New York, sky. The morning haze seemed to give the moon a red hue. Courtesy Rachel Cauvin
Minister Glenn Daman shot this photo from his deck in Stevenson, Washington, as the moon rose on the mountains across the Columbia River Gorge. He was hoping to capture "the surreal and haunting image that the cloud covere provided." We'd say he succeeded! Courtesy Glenn Daman
As the supermoon rose over the Long Island coast, Elias Aliprandis said he was inspired to take a photo because of its amazing beauty and bright orange hue. Courtesy Elias Aliprandis
The supermoon this weekend was the best one iReporter Vijay Pandrangi has ever seen. The software engineer from Bothell, Washington, says he can't wait to see the supermoon again on August 10. Courtesy Vijay Pandrangi
It took Tim Durkan several lonely hours to get the perfect shot of the supermoon over the weekend in Seattle. Courtesy Tim Durkan
Durkan waited outside all night to photograph the supermoon, trying to capture an evening and day shot of the bright moon. Courtesy Tim Durkan
Mike Chiodo, who professionally goes by Mikiodo, loved photographing the supermoon so much, he did it two nights in a row. "Living in New York City, I am always craving some nature; I don't get enough. So I often look to the evening and nighttime skies to get my fix," he said. Courtesy Mike Chiodo
"Every supermoon and celestial event is an opportunity to practice and figure out what settings work best for different shots," Talia Landman of Orlando, Florida, said. Courtesy Talia Landman
Homer Liwag and his dog Sake sat in the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada, waiting for the supermoon. "This supermoon was striking as usual," he said. Courtesy Homer Liwag
Kelli Thompson photographed the supermoon from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. "The airplane bisecting the supermoon was quite unusual and unexpected," she said. Courtesy Kelli Thompson
Janice Wei photographed the supermoon from the San Francisco Bay Area on July 12. "I love to capture the moon. It's very beautiful and powerful when it's full," she said. Courtesy Janice Wei
"It was so beautiful. It was larger than other moons. We had a thunderstorm trying to develop right when it was rising," Patti Wolff from Phoenix, Oregon, said. Courtesy Patti Wolff
The supermoon made an exciting appearance in other parts of the world, too. Marlo Cueto ventured to a park in Makati City, Philippines, so that he could find some sky that wasn't saturated by light pollution. Using a DSLR camera, he photographed the moon through the thick clouds floating above. Courtesy Marlo G. Cueto
Stojan Stojanovski photographed the supermoon from Ohrid, Macedonia. He photographs the supermoon every year and tries to find interesting ways of showcasing its beauty. This year, he took of a photo of the moon behind a family of storks. Courtesy Stojan Stojanovski
Will Cuccaro made this "bracketed" image from three individual photos taken at varying exposures. "Finding the right level of bracketing and then the right shutter speeds and aperture was trial and error. All in all, about 25 minutes outside in 100-degree heat = pain in the butt!" Courtesy Will Cuccaro
Over the years, Katherine Murray has taken some nice full moon photos from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but capturing an orange moon had eluded her until this weekend. "I was thrilled to be able to get the actual color as it came over the dunes," she said. Courtesy Katherine Murray
"Clouds obstructed the moon until very late. But when I came outside at about 3:00 a.m. it was very bright!" Wanda Gemson wrote in her iReport. She watched the supermoon from Yucca Valley, California. Courtesy Wanda Gemson
After seeing people sharing beautiful supermoon photos, Manuel Navarro tried his hand at astrophotography. He captured this up-close shot of the moon over Chula Vista, California, with the help of a telescope on July 13. Courtesy Manuel Navarro
"As a photographer and astronomer, a full moon is typically nothing to get excited about for me unless it's going to be somehow unique, such as in color," John Thiel of Astoria in Queens, New York, said. When he saw the amber coloring of the moon, he had to take a photo. Courtesy John P. Thiel