July temps in the 40s? Parts of U.S. in for a chill

Cold blast next week
Cold blast next week


    Cold blast next week


Cold blast next week 01:48

Story highlights

  • Parts of the Upper Midwest will see lows in the 40s next week
  • Temperatures to dip 10 to 20 degrees below normal in parts of the U.S.
  • A typhoon rippled the jet stream, which will allow cool Canadian air to drop south
Blame Canada, and especially Typhoon Neoguri: Next week isn't going to feel very much like summer in parts of the United States.
Lows in the 40s will bring out the blankets in parts of the Upper Midwest as temperatures dip 10 to 20 degrees below normal. Other regions also will be a little cooler, if not as drastically.
Why? Neoguri, the storm that hit Japan this week, made the jet stream wavier than usual, and starting Monday, the stream will dip into the Midwest, allowing cool Canadian air to drop south, CNN meteorologist Indra Petersons said.
A sampling:
• Marquette, Michigan, could see a low of 45 on Tuesday morning, and it might reach only 58 on Monday and 57 on Tuesday -- a departure from July averages in the mid-70s.
• Minneapolis, which is used to July highs in the mid-80s, might get up to 65 on Monday, 70 on Tuesday and 75 on Wednesday.
• Chicago could see highs of 78 on Monday, 67 on Tuesday and 72 on Wednesday. Highs in the mid-80s are average.
Outside the Midwest, the weather won't be particularly cool, but it won't be scorching, either:
• Washington will be baking on Monday (93) but might get up to only 81 on Wednesday.
• New York City could see highs of 81 on Tuesday and 78 on Wednesday.
• Charlotte, North Carolina, which is used to July highs in the upper 80s, should be in the low 80s Wednesday.