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Dronies: Selfies shot with drones

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A new breed of selfie -- the "dronie" -- is hitting the Web

Drone owners are using the aircraft to show themselves

The term "dronie" was coined on video site Vimeo

One family shares drone video from their nationwide trip

CNN —  

Forget selfies. Those are so 2013.

Make way, instead, for a new way so show your handsome, or lovely, mug to the Internet – a budding Web movement that combines high-tech geekery with the human desire to be seen.

Call them “dronies.”

As personal drones find their way into more and more hands, folks have begun using the personal, unmanned aircraft, kitted out with video cameras, to add a little flare to the Internet’s ubiquitous “look at me” self-shots.

“Let’s be honest, selfies aren’t going anywhere,” said Alexandra Dao, a community development manager at video site Vimeo. “But the dramatic reveal aspect adds another level of interest.”

There may be no such thing as a “dronie expert” just yet. But Dao does claim the distinction of coining the term.

About two months ago, she saw that a friend had commented on a video posted to the site by tech entrepreneur Amit Gupta. It was shot on San Francisco’s Bernal Hill, starting with a closeup of Gupta and two friends, then panning up and out to show the San Fran skyline.

The friend “proclaimed it a new kind of shot,” she said, “and I jumped in with the suggestion of ‘dronie’.”