China's eccentric millionaire philanthropist

Published 4:12 AM ET, Wed June 25, 2014
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Chen Guangbiao has a penchant for sensational philanthropic stunts, like building walls of cash to give away to the needy. Courtesy Chen Guangbiao
The millionaire placed a full-page ad in the New York Times promoting his free lunch and cash handout for the city's homeless. From People's Daily
Chen Guangbiao gets his hands dirty volunteering at disaster zones in China. Courtesy Chen Guangbiao
In 2012, Chen bought cars for people in Beijing who lost theirs in anti-Japanese riots. He held a dramatic press conference to give away the cars. STR/AFP/GettyImages
Two people count banknotes at a charity event held in Taiwan by Chen in 2011. PATRICK LIN/AFP/Getty Images
Chen Guangbiao's namecard. From Sina Weibo