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Brutality of ISIS on display in Iraq

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A well-orchestrated social media war is accompanying fighting in Iraq

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria recruits terror fighters on Twitter

Online videos showing group's attacks are glossy, high-quality

Google appears to have banned app used by ISIS to spread news

CNN —  

It’s a truth of warfare in the digital era: Bullets and bombs often are augmented by status updates and tweets.

The bloody conflict taking place in Iraq is no different. And Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, a terror group so extreme that al Qaeda has denounced it, is taking the lead with a social media propaganda war the likes of which has never been seen.

From recruiting fighters to spreading word of their violent attacks, ISIS is taking to the Web in what analysts say is a more sophisticated manner than previous combatants.

Perhaps as a result, Iraqis have been reporting widespread outages of social sites, a common refrain during recent unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere.