America’s best small towns


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Fodor's favorite small towns have fewer than 30,000 residents

One small town can be seen in the movie "Forrest Gump"

One baseball hall of fame town has a lot more than baseball going on

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With their quaint downtowns, undeniably charming shops and distinct personalities, small towns have long held a special place in the American heart.

That homey feel can also appeal to city travelers longing for a slice of small town Americana.

The best of the best are included in Fodor’s Travel second-annual list of “America’s Best Small Towns,” released Thursday. From a funky arts town in Oregon to a popular South Carolina throwback, there is nothing small about the affordable attractions these cities offer.

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“There has been a big uprise in traveling to smaller towns that have some quirky and regional appeal,” said Arabella Bowen, executive editorial director of Fodor’s Travel. “There is a want for a local, authentic, mom-and-pop experience.”

To qualify for the Fodor’s list, these small towns must have fewer than 30,000 residents, although the majority have under 10,000 residents. The cities also must be able to accommodate short, weekend stays.

“There is a lot of surprising delight in these places,” Bowen said.

So whether it’s a wedding anniversary or a family vacation on a budget, wave goodbye to big city blues and hello to tiny town delight. Click on our gallery to see Fodor’s top 10 choices.

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