B-2 stealth bomber

Updated 9:05 AM ET, Sat March 14, 2015
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The U.S. Air Force deployed two B-2 stealth bombers to Europe in 2014 to conduct training flights and become familiar with air bases and operations there. Click through the gallery to learn more about the aircraft. Mark Meyer//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Maintainers and crew chiefs prepare a B-2 at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri in March 2011. There are only 20 B-2s in the Air Force fleet. All are based at Whiteman in the 509th Bomb Wing. USAF/Senior Airman Kenny Holston/Released
A B-2 takes flight from Whiteman in April 2011. The B-2 is operated by a crew of two -- a pilot in the cockpit's left seat and a mission commander in the right. USAF/Master Sgt. Steven Pearsall/Released
A KC-135 Stratotanker refuels a B-2 during a training mission in August 2012. The B-2 is powered by four General Electric F118-GE-100 engines, and it can travel 6,000 miles without refueling. USAF/ A1C Franklin R. Ramos/97th Air Mobility Wing / Release
A B-2 takes off from Whiteman for a training run to Alaska in October 2002. B-2s can carry conventional or nuclear weapons. The planes have flown combat missions over Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty
A B-2, left, flies near Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, in March 2013. The B-2 has a wingspan of 172 feet, a length of 69 feet and a height of 17 feet. Lee Jung-hun/Yonhap/AP
Airman 1st Class Steven McCray, a B-2 crew chief, performs pre-flight checks at Whiteman in April 2013. Each B-2 costs about $1.16 billion. USAF/Staff Sgt. Nick Wilson/Released