Southwest aircraft hits parked JetBlue plane at Boston airport

 A Southwest  Airlines plane clipped a JetBlue plane Monday at Boston's Logan International Airport; there were no injuries.

Story highlights

  • A Southwest Airlines plane was being pushed back from a gate
  • That plane struck a parked JetBlue aircraft at another gate
  • There were no reports of any injuries from either of the aircrafts
  • The FAA says the incident is under investigation
A Southwest Airlines plane moving on the ground collided with a JetBlue plane parked at another gate at Boston Logan International Airport Monday morning, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
There were no injuries to Southwest passengers or crew, the airline said in a statement. The JetBlue plane had no passengers or crew on board, according to Real Hamilton-Romeo, spokeswoman for JetBlue.
The Southwest plane, a Boeing 737, was being pushed back from a gate and clipped a parked JetBlue Airbus A320, according to a statement from Southwest Airlines.
The winglet of the Southwest 737 struck the horizontal stabilizer of the JetBlue A320, according to Matthew Brelis, Director of Media Relations at Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates Boston Logan International Airport.
Southwest worked to get the 108 passengers scheduled to be on board re-accommodated on other flights to their destination of Kansas City, according to a statement from the airline. A replacement aircraft was later provided for that flight.
The Southwest aircraft involved in the incident is out of service for repairs and inspections, the Southwest statement added.
Though Brelis said there was no impact to Logan airport operations, both airlines experienced delays.
The Southwest flight landed more than five hours later than originally planned. The flight, scheduled to land in Kansas City at about 9:35 a.m. did not land until 2:39 p.m. CT, according to the Southwest website.
The JetBlue flight, which was being prepared for boarding, also experienced delays on its way to Chicago, according to JetBlue spokeswoman Hamilton-Romeo. The A320's two subsequent flights were canceled.
An FAA official told CNN Monday that the agency will investigate the incident.