Living 31 days under the ocean

Published 2:40 PM ET, Wed June 4, 2014
cousteau mission 3cousteau mission 3
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With their Mission 31 project, Fabien Cousteau and a team of researchers are spending what they hope will be 31 straight days in this undersea habitat, 63 feet beneath the ocean surface in the Florida Keys. Courtesy Katie Linendoll
At 400 square feet, the Aquarius lab is the size of a small studio apartment. Here Cousteau, grandson of famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, peers out a viewport. Courtesy Katie Linendoll
The crew, from left: mission specialist Mark Hulsbeck, photographer Kip Evans, Fabien Cousteau and mission specialist Ryan LaPete. Courtesy Katie Linendoll
Aquarius, operated by Florida International University, calls itself the world's only underwater marine laboratory. Courtesy Katie Linendoll
Some 50 years ago, Jacques Cousteau led a team of underwater researchers who lived for 30 days in an ocean lab in the Red Sea. With Mission 31, Fabien Cousteau plans to honor his grandfather's record and stay underwater one day longer. Courtesy Katie Linendoll
During his stay Cousteau plans to study how climate change is affecting the ocean's acidity and marine life. Here, two researchers (they like the term "aquanauts") prepare science experiments outside Aquarius. Courtesy of Katie Kinendoll
On the surface, FIU teams prepare pots with dry clothes, camera equipment and other gear to be sent down to Aquarius. Courtesy Katie Linendoll