'Parts Unknown': Boozing and cruising around Bahia

Updated 5:21 PM ET, Thu March 26, 2015
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On the season finale of "Parts Unknown," Anthony Bourdain follows the drumbeats to the state of Bahia, Brazil. There, he finds a vibrant meld of African and Brazilian cultures -- and a proclivity toward enjoyment of the country's national cocktail, the caipirinha. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN
The perfect accompaniment to a boatload of beachside caipirinhas is a haul of fresh, grilled fish and crab. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN
In the capital city of Salvador, Bourdain samples acarajé, a popular street food that was first sold by newly freed slaves to support the Candomblé community. Acarajé is a batter black-eyed peas, dried shrimp and onions that is then fried in dendê (palm) oil. The host joins a table of locals at Acarajé Da Dinha. "I've had it before. I have had it here, in fact. These ladies, make it good. Really good," he says. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN
The acarajé is served with vatapá (a paste of shrimp and peanuts), tomato salad and fried shrimp. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN
Bourdain relaxes with beer and the local fishermen's association after a long day on the water. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN
The fishermen prepare the prized catch of the day -- red snapper. They season it with sea salt, lemon and olive oil before grilling it over charcoal. Mario Tama/Getty Images for CNN