China's Maoist scars

Updated 10:25 PM ET, Wed June 4, 2014
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Bian Zhongyun's four children stand over her body after she was beaten to death on August 5th, 1966. Her husband Wang Jingyao took the photograph. "I covered Bian's face so my youngest couldn't see," he says. Courtesy Wang Youqin
Wang says authorities quickly cremated the body before an autopsy could be completed. Nobody has ever been convicted of the crime, the first murder of the Cultural Revolution. "Neither the school, nor the authorities at the time took it seriously," says Wang. Courtesy Wang Youqin
In happier times, Bian Zhongyun and Wang Jingyao and their four children. Wang worked was a historian and Bian a respected educator at an elite Beijing middle school at the onset of the Cultural Revolution. Courtesy Wang Youqin
For nearly fifty years Wang Zhongyun has been seeking justice for his wife, who was murdered by her students at the very start of the Cultural Revolution. CNN/Charles Miller
Wang Jingyao and Bian Zhongyun CNN/Charles Miller
Wang Jingyao keeps a modest shrine to his wife in his cramped apartment. He isn't a religious man, but the Last Supper reminds him of the last meal he had with his wife the night before she was murdered. CNN/Charles Miller