Horseball: 'Quidditch on a horse'

Updated 5:51 AM ET, Fri May 30, 2014
horseball equestrian gal orangehorseball equestrian gal orange
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Horseball was invented in the 1970s, featuring men and women playing 20-minute matches in mixed teams of six. But who are the world's best teams? FIHB
Britain was introduced to horseball in the 1990s but, like the England football team, has not yet lived up to expectations on the international scene. British Horseball
The French created the sport to build confidence in riders. Horseball players must master the art of swooping low to collect the ball from the floor. FIHB
As horseball's inventor, France has been dominant for decades, but Spain and Belgium are increasingly strong. FIHB
While 80% of current players are French, horseball is a growing sport. Algeria, China, Kyrgyzstan and Mexico are among its member nations. FIHB