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CNN Student News  — 

May 30, 2014

This Friday on CNN Student News: government, business, technology and altruism. A scandal widens concerning the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and a concussion summit discusses better treatment of head injuries in school sports. We’ll also show you how “swarm robots” could help with complicated tasks by keeping things simple.

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Media Literacy Question of the Day:

Should news producers give greater priority to “good news”? Why or why not?

Weekly Newsquiz: The following questions relate to events that were covered this week on CNN Student News. Write your answers in the space provided.

1. What poet, activist and author of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” died this week at the age of 86?

2. According to AAA, the 100 deadliest days for teenage drivers start on what holiday?

3. What kind of policy was the focus of the speech delivered by President Obama to graduates of the U.S. Military Academy?

4. What organization currently consisting of 28 European countries was established in 1993?

5. What U.S. warship that was once the target of a terrorist attack sailed into New York as part of Fleet Week 2014?

6. Narendra Modi was elected prime minister of what Asian nation?

7. What computer company announced that it is buying Beats?

8. What kind of injury was the focus of a White House summit on safe sports?

9. What country will soon see a reduction in U.S. troops who are currently serving in America’s longest-running war?

10. What U.S. government department is assigned with giving medical care and benefits to people who have served in the armed forces?

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