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Updated 1:56 PM ET, Wed May 28, 2014
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Italian company Panini has been producing World Cup stickers since 1970. They are hugely popular across the world with fans of all ages. Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
Established in Modena in 1961, Panini now has branches all over the world. The stickers are sold in 100 countries. Panini UK
Panini says that if it lined up every single World Cup sticker produced for the 2014 World Cup then it would stretch 239,000 kilometers -- a distance which would reach the moon. Panini UK
Panini has to guess which players will be included in the World Cup squads because of its production schedule. It often means that some players who are in the sticker book do not actually take part in the tournament. Panini UK
Panini can produce over 25 million packets of stickers a day; that's over 750 million individual stickers a week. Panini UK
The capacity of Panini's Brazilian factory was doubled in readiness for World Cup requirements making it the world's second largest facility. Panini
Sticker aficionados often hold swapping sessions to help complete their collections. This can be done anywhere -- in the classroom, the local bar, petrol station or on the beach. Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
Each packet contains five stickers. Stickers are randomly selected and not marketed to a specific region. Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
It doesn't matter if you're old or young, World Cup stickers attract a wide-ranging audience. Panini claims some markets can sell up to eight packets per head of population. Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
Some stickers are more difficult to collect than others. It often leads to frustration for those who are seeking to complete their album. Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images
Panini released a sticker collection for the Women's World Cup in 2011 -- a sign of just how popular sticker collecting has become. John MacDougall/AFP/CNN
English, Spanish, German -- different languages but one common goal. The sticker market is worth millions to Panini. Panta Astiazaran/AFP/Getty Images
In Montevideo, Uruguay, collectors are just as keen with Luis Suarez the prized sticker. Four years ago, Uruguay reached the semifinals of the World Cup. Panta Astiazaran/AFP/Getty Images
Protesters in Brazil have taken to burning sticker albums to show their frustration at FIFA and the country's government in hosting the World Cup. Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images