6 chemical weapons inspectors reported kidnapped in Syria now safe

Updated 7:14 AM EDT, Tue May 27, 2014
(CNN) —  

A group of chemical weapons inspectors who were reported kidnapped in Syria Tuesday are safe and were returning to their operating base, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said in a statement.

Earlier Tuesday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said six chemical weapons inspectors and five Syrian drivers had been kidnapped in Hama province. The inspectors were investigating claims that the Syrian regime used chlorine gas on the rebel-held village of Kafr Zita in April.

“(Syria) confirms that terrorist groups are attempting to undermine the work of the fact-finding mission and are committing terrorist crimes against employees of the United Nations and OPCW,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement published in state-run media.

The Syrian government has often referred to opposition fighters as “terrorists.”

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