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San Diego's billion-dollar water bet

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There are 16,000 desalination plants on the planet, and their numbers are rising

A huge desalination plant is under construction in Carlsbad, California

When completed it will be the largest such facility in the Western Hemisphere

Water expert: Ocean water is "a seemingly inexhaustible supply"

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It’s been a cruel irony for ancient mariners and any thirsty person who has ever gazed upon a sparkling blue ocean: Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

But imagine a coastal city of the future, say in 2035. Along with basic infrastructure such as a port, roads, sewer lines and an electrical grid, it’s increasingly likely this city by the sea will contain a newer feature.

A desalination plant.

Thanks to improved technology, turning ocean water into freshwater is becoming more economically feasible. And a looming global water crisis may make it crucial to the planet’s future.