California killer’s parents frantically searched for son during shooting


Story highlights

Elliot Rodger's mother read his manifesto, alerted his father, and they set out to find him

The Santa Barbara shooter had sent the writing to a couple dozen people, family friend says

Rodger's parents say the April 30 well-being check was a turning point, friend says

Elliot Rodger had been seeing therapists since he was 8, family friend says

Santa Barbara, California CNN —  

As Elliot Rodger was carrying out a deadly rampage Friday night around Santa Barbara, his parents were frantically trying to find him, having just received a chilling manifesto from their son.

Rodger, 22, sent a couple dozen people – including his parents and at least one of his therapists – the 140-page document via e-mail not long before the shootings began, Simon Astaire, a family friend, told CNN.