Forget Godzilla: Facebook rolls out its own dinosaur

Story highlights

  • A new privacy tutorial for Facebook users features a blue cartoon dinosaur
  • The New York Times is calling it the "Zuckasaurus"
  • The character was "the friendliest and best choice," engineer says
  • It joins a list of tech mascots from Reddit's Snoo to Microsoft's annoying Clippy
It's been a big week for dinosaurs. With "Godzilla" still rampaging at the box office, Facebook also rolled out some privacy changes along with a friendly blue dino to help explain them all.
In addition to making settings for all new users default to "Friends Only," Facebook announced Thursday it will prompt existing users to review their privacy settings.
Your new guide to the intricacies of controlling your personal info on the world's biggest social platform? A blue cartoon dinosaur with a snaggletooth, tapping away at a laptop that looks like some kind of Macbook.
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