Watergate figure Jeb Stuart Magruder dies

Former Nixon campaign aide Jeb Stuart Magruder testifies at Senate Watergate hearings.
Jeb Stuart Magruder, a former aide to President Richard Nixon who served time in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in, has died.
Magruder, 79, died May 11 in Danbury, Connecticut, due to complications from a stroke, Jeff Hull, owner of Hull Funeral Service, told CNN Friday.
Magruder worked as a special assistant in the Nixon administration before becoming the deputy director of his 1972 re-election committee.
He served seven months behind bars for his involvement in the break in and burglary of Democratic Party offices in Washington's Watergate complex and the resulting cover-up that forced Nixon from office.
A decade after his release, Magruder became a Presbyterian minister.