361 cases of mumps in central Ohio

Officials in Ohio are urging those at high risk of mumps to get vaccinated as an outbreak spreads..

Story highlights

  • Columbus health department: 361 cases of mumps in central Ohio
  • Agency reported 63 mumps cases a few weeks ago
  • "A lot of these people who got mumps were vaccinated," state official says
  • 11 of those infected were treated in hospitals, but none are there now
Health authorities indicated Friday there have been 361 cases of mumps in central Ohio, a significantly higher number than was reported just a few weeks ago.
Most of these cases -- 208, to be specific -- have been linked to Ohio State University in Columbus, the city's health department said.
The 361 total includes cases from Franklin, Delaware and Madison counties and was current as of 2:30 p.m. Friday. Some 139 of those diagnosed were students at Ohio State, while a number of others worked at or otherwise had a connection to the university.
As recently as March 21, the same agency was reporting 63 mumps cases, of which 45 were tied to the university. The outbreak originated in February with a cluster of cases at Ohio State.
Melanie Amato, an Ohio Department of Health spokeswoman, attributes the spike to many students heading home, where they could end up spreading mumps or at least be s